Marishi_ProfileYou have found the home page for  Here you will find ideas for your home accessories to make your beautiful home…YOURS!  Everyone has their idea of what their home will look like, and each room throughout your home may have it’s own feel.

In Asian literature, Marici (in China) and Marishi (in Japan) is the goddess or warrior of heaven and light.  She is often depicted riding into battle atop a boar with her weapon of choice, her bow and arrow.  Or she may be a more serene figure sitting atop a lotus flower, often with several arms.marishi goddess 1

Regardless of how you depict her, it is the light that we like to focus on at  We feel that the one commonality in all rooms that have a personal feel, have lightness in common.  Whether this light comes from the actual brightness of the room, or the light feel of its accessories.


Imagine a room without lightness to it.  There is somehow a dread or overhanging feeling of heaviness.  That’s what we want to avoid.  We want to have a feeling of love and comfort in all that we do at Marishi.

Young woman in front of her vanity applying make-up